Our Customers

General Manager - Jewelry Company

Website CMS Development

Membership system development

Points was able to offer a different perspective to our requirements, a technical yet commercial perspective which business like ours need. The team are great listeners and always put themselves to our shoes. After implementation of the system, our business achieved another leap in understanding our clients and being able to compete. We would definitely recommend Points and will use their services again.

Marketing Manager - Medical & Health Care Equipment

IT Supporting Services

ERP System Maintenance

I would strongly recommend Points as a reliable and trustworthy IT vendor. The team was professional, prompt and always go out of their way to ensure our requirements and need are met. Throughout the whole experience, we acquired a better understanding of our internal processes and systems which provide lots of clarify for improvement and efficiency.

Payroll Manager - Payroll Service Providers

Payroll System

Points Technology was able to creatively systemize our payroll system which enable us to outbid global payroll companies for a large global client account in Macau. The team work like an in-house team with us, always ensuring we have their support and advice round the clock. We are impressed with the level of commitment and passion the Points team had demonstrated and will highly recommend them to any clients.